Color Town Private Selection Eggshell Now Available in Gallons & 5's


Stain and Lacquer Matches

We take what our competitors say seriously.

"Go to Color Town, they do good stain matches." 

There is no color computer or guidebook for stain matches, yet we do hundreds a year by eye. Whether it’s a cupboard door, hardwood flooring or an antique table, we can match any stain color.

Lacquer matches, again, are done by eye and take a skilled one to do them properly. At Color Town, we have five tinters with over 100 years of combined experience who take great pride in creating custom matches.

Commercial Charge Accounts

We know it’s hard to run a business – it’s even harder when you have to pay for every quart and every sheet of sandpaper every time. That’s why we offer charge accounts for our commercial customers. Every month, you will receive an email statement, complete with copies of signed invoices.* We can even tag invoices to specific jobs, to make your accountant happy.

*credit approval required

Outside Sales Representative

Usually only large multinationals can offer this service, but we have an outside sales rep on staff who can visit your jobsite, factory or warehouse and advise you on product choices from a variety of manufacturers. We also have at our disposal manufacturer reps from a variety of paint and sundry companies.

Color Help

Do you have a customer who is having trouble choosing a color? We can provide a pint-sized latex eggshell paint sampler in any color, as well as all C2’s 496 shades in 18”x24” paint chips. Or one of our color consultants can do an in-home visit, and suggest color schemes for your customer.

This might be of help to you!

Credit Applications

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Commericial Division Hours

Monday to Friday: 6:30 am - 6pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

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Commercial Hotline and Delivery Service

Call our commercial hotline at
905.836.0500 and order your paint
ahead of time. 

Your time is valuable, so we make it
easy to get your paint and get going…FAST!