Color Town Private Selection Eggshell Now Available in Gallons & 5's


Enviro-Epoxy is a premium quality zero-VOC product, suitable for floors in garages, warehouses and factories. CFIA approved

PPG High Performance Coatings:
PPG manufacturers coatings for the decks of aircraft carriers, for Boeing 747s and the Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark and so we trust the wearability, durability and longetivity of their products. Many of these coatings are CFIA-approved and qualify for LEED credits. We confidently sell a wide variety of PPG products, including:

  • 90-374, -474 and -1210 line of Acrylic DTM Enamels
  • 98-1 series Aquapon WB waterborne epoxy
  • Dryfog*, Pitt-Flex Elastomeric Coating, Block Filler* and Fill & Finish*
  • Fast Dry Enamels, DTR (Direct-To-Rust) Epoxy Mastic, Pitt-Thane Aliphatic Urethane
  • Pitt-Therm High Heat Enamel 
  • Spectracron Epoxy Primer
  • Crosslink Acrylic Urethane
*Qualify for LEED credits

Lenmar Wood Finishes, manufacturers of high quality pre and postcat lacquers, as well as alkyd and lacquer-based wiping stains and dyes. Lenmar is a division of Benjamin Moore.




From PPG Pittsburgh Paints

New from PPG is Break-Through!, a revolutionary low-VOC, hard as nails coating, designed for interior and exterior work on cabinets, doors, trim...even floors! Break-Through! is in stock in satin in gallons and is available via special order in gloss.

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